zondag 17 juni 2012

HQ ... Summer Fever!

..::::..:.....:..::. HQ .. Summer Fever! .::..:.....:..::::..

This sexy Summer outfit is the must have for this Summer-time!
Available in; White - Black - Purple - Pink - GoldRed !
Only the Sarong is in MESH but Be-aware is without alfa layer!

..::::..:.....:..::. What's Included .::..:.....:..::::..

• MESH .. Sarong! {.copy.} - NO ALFA
• Color Bikini {.copy.} all Layers
• Long & Short Jeans {.copy.} Both layer!


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You have a Failed Delivery - Questions¿?
Plz ... send only a NOTECARD to; BiJanka Zuta !

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..::::..:.....:..::. Bijouke & Tagharie xχx ;) .::..:.....:..::::..

woensdag 25 april 2012

Men Only Hunt 2 !!! 26th may till 9th june !!!

MOH2 ... we are glad to let you guys know we are in it again !!!
BﻨJouкe and Tagh!

Duration: 26th May to 9th June
Flair For Events™ presents the second edition of Men Only Hunt starting May 26th until June 9th. Now is the time to get involved if you wish to participate!
Flair For Events™ is a Second Life fashion events company. We are planning fairs, hunts, sales and special events. http://flairforeventssl.blogspot.ca/

More information in official Blog.

Are you tired to wear only grey and black clothes on SL? Well designers in this hunt promise you a COLORED summer! The theme of this hunt will be : United Color of Men! So take of your boring dark clothes and put some colors in your second life! All the information you need about this hunt will be found on this blog.
Join the hunters group!secondlife:///app/group/7f60c53b-ab9b-072b-b577-45288557083f/about
For any information, contact missqwerty Pevensey or Maraki Milo in world.

Outfit blogged ;)

Ty .. Anika for the great blogging from one of our Sets;)
Could say to all take a look on her blog.. Sweet Pitulandia !!

Lovely greets ... BﻨJouкe and Tagh!

maandag 9 april 2012

HQ ... Viber InStyLe! ... "unisex"

One of a kind and a very sexy stunning outfit for all !!

... real must have for everyones closets!

════════════ - Contains - ═════════════

■ Bolero Top .. {.jacket/shirt.} .. Copy/Mod
■ Hoodie .. Copy/Mod .. {.one for the male & girl.}
■ Zip'D black/grey Pants .. {.pants/underpants.} Copy/Mod
■ Pants cuffs male and female versions .. Copy/Mod
■ Mini Top .. {.jacket/shirt.} .. Copy/Mod
■ Pasties .. {.tattoo/undershirt/shirt.} .. Copy/Mod
■ Want to gif it as gift do that then due marketplace!
■ All Items are .. {.Copy & Mod.} .. but NO trans!!
So everyone must buy this outfit for them selfs!!!!


═════════ - MarketPlace Cab! - ══════════

HQ ... Innocent Fresh!

NEW Release!!!

■ Innocent Fresh! .. fresh Spring Outfit,)
■ Only ONE day 25L on Marketplace!
■ Release inWorld in about one day!
■ Comes with 2 Top & Pants & BellyChain!

!!... So want it! Grab your MarketplaceCab...!!

xχx ,)) ♥ B&T designs Own'Rs...

zondag 1 april 2012

Dare You!!

Temporarily for only ...25L$...EASTER... sales!

...a MUST have for every girls closet!!

════════════ - Contains - ═════════════

■ Leather black Bra - in - Shirt/Undershirt Layer! {.copy.}
■ Lace Dress - in - Shirt/Jacket/Pants Layers! {.copy.}
■ Prim Skirt - {.copy/mod.}

■ Tip our High*stars would be standing great with it!
■ Separated for sale and for only 99L$ ,-))


Come to our MAIN*store or to our MARKET*place Store!!

woensdag 21 maart 2012

B&T and LaGeeny Fashion Mall !!!

NEW 2 DOLLARBIE'S BY; Lageeny Fashion!



They are both Seperate for sale! C'mon over also to find more!

LaGeeny will gives you HQ FASHION with a color twist!